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Tax and benefit changes since 2010 seem to be paying off for Britain’s self-employed people, according to a post-Autumn Statement analysis by an accountancy firm.
In fact, a self-employed couple earning £30,000 with two children will be £1,845 better off compared with when the coalition government took office, found the analysis by EY.
Obtained by the Daily Telegraph, the analysis shows that the couple’s income after tax in the 2010/11 tax year was £...

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You can unlock your iPhone 6 for free on any carrier starting this week | you-can-unlock-your-iphone-6-for-free-on-any-carrier-starting-this-week |

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Chinese smartphone maker ZTE Corp plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan ($240 million) in wireless charging technology for vehicles in 2015 and more than 2 billion yuan next year, a senior executive told Reuters on Thursday. ZTE's director of corporate strategy, George Sun, also said the company had signed agreements with more than 20 cities in China to provide wireless charging technology for public transportation, in a significant boost for the country's electric car industry. See more...

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Without worker voice, we can't hope to achieve decent work or sustainable production. But by leveraging mobile to give workers a seat at the table, we're turning connectivity into productivity....

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The Good The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate creatively kicks things up a notch with LEDs that alert you to incoming messages and alerts. You can turn the lights off while you sleep.
The Bad It works with only two phones right now, and doesn't give you enough programming flexibility. It lacks a charging brick for its USB connector.
The Bottom Line If you like the idea of a Qi charger that informs you of alerts, the costlier Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is one-of-a...

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Quantified-self enthusiasts - those who are somewhat obsessed with using technology to better understand themselves, their daily habits and personal trends -..

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Google started pushing out its latest version of Android in November, but most Android phone owners are still waiting for the update.
Here are all of the phones that can get Google's massive new Android update today.
HTC One M8 owners on Sprint or T-Mobile's network can now update their device to Android 5.0 HTC previously confirmed that the M7 will get it too, we just don't know exactly when.
Android 5.0 is available for the AT&T version of the L...

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For nearly two decades, ubiquitous access to the Internet has been the elusive dream of technologists, policymakers and ordinary users. But today, the prospect of worldwide, always-on and high-speed (or close to it) Internet communications is in sight, and could become a reality within a decade.